Friday, 8 July 2011

Cake. Dylan. Old stuff. And a dandy in waiting

Ok. I feel this post need's a bit of explaining as it is a bit of a mad tangled weave of a post.
So I'm back in Devon currently without a job. I am Stewarding at a few festivals for oxfam. Already done Glastonbury which was brilliant but broke me! (I will post disposable camera pictures soon and I will unfold the cryptic message I've set for you). But the fact of the matter is that....... I HAVE NOTHING TO DO AT ALL. No projects, no stresses, nothing, nout, nada. So this post ultimately my boredom and restlessness. Plus bits I've been meaning to upload.
I do hope It'll do.
The Divine Chocolate and Guinness cake courtesy of Gizzi Erskine. The recipe. I mean.
I made the cake. I did I did!

Now Here's a portrait I did of Dylan Moran I did over a a year ago. And it's less of a portrait and more of an artist impression of Dylan Moran and Ronnie Wood's love child with a lazy eye. But.... Meh I think it's alright.
Now this I've started today and it's half cartoon half sketch type thing and to be quite honest I don't know where in my brain it's sprung from but I''ll keep going with it and post more pictures when I've figured out what it is!
This is another old one I found and it's simply a piggy woman, a sexy lady and Kurt Vonnegut. Of course!
The only reason I mock is because I do have a magazine hoarding problem.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Get you Goth on...

Oh hello Frida! How did you get in my brain again.....

My scanner was being a pain so only got snatches of this painting. However I think its turned out rather effective. I will post the full picture soon.

Tried to create creepy gargoyle faces. Slightly regret the watercolour but still has an etch-y feel which I like. If only I had an industrial strength press and sulphuric acid......
This painting is the first I've done in ages. Well including acrylics and texturing and everything. I built up the lumpy texture with flour and PVA glue. Then scribble on top of the acrylic with biro.
Now all of this post was inspired by the painter ,illustrator and wizard man Austin Osman Spare (what a name). I saw Alan Moore talking about this brilliantly mystic artist on the culture show and have been hooked since. I've posted the link to the video on youtube. Check it out plus Alan Moore is a dude. Period. A fun fact about Moore. He loves Lush bath bombs. Once you see him it makes it more brilliant.