Friday, 8 July 2011

Cake. Dylan. Old stuff. And a dandy in waiting

Ok. I feel this post need's a bit of explaining as it is a bit of a mad tangled weave of a post.
So I'm back in Devon currently without a job. I am Stewarding at a few festivals for oxfam. Already done Glastonbury which was brilliant but broke me! (I will post disposable camera pictures soon and I will unfold the cryptic message I've set for you). But the fact of the matter is that....... I HAVE NOTHING TO DO AT ALL. No projects, no stresses, nothing, nout, nada. So this post ultimately my boredom and restlessness. Plus bits I've been meaning to upload.
I do hope It'll do.
The Divine Chocolate and Guinness cake courtesy of Gizzi Erskine. The recipe. I mean.
I made the cake. I did I did!

Now Here's a portrait I did of Dylan Moran I did over a a year ago. And it's less of a portrait and more of an artist impression of Dylan Moran and Ronnie Wood's love child with a lazy eye. But.... Meh I think it's alright.
Now this I've started today and it's half cartoon half sketch type thing and to be quite honest I don't know where in my brain it's sprung from but I''ll keep going with it and post more pictures when I've figured out what it is!
This is another old one I found and it's simply a piggy woman, a sexy lady and Kurt Vonnegut. Of course!
The only reason I mock is because I do have a magazine hoarding problem.

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