Monday, 4 January 2010

This whichery called blog

Yes i have succumbed to the youth culture of bloggin' but then again if your reading this so have you. So shall we have a blog armistice and not judge each other. Yes? Goodo! Well I'm currently suffering form a cold which i have no one to blame but myself as it induced by wet trousers from my washing up job and then scampering round in the minus c weather trying to de ice my car. I feel this should be an excuse for my awful grammar ect but really i didn't think that people could catch cold like that any more i thought surely only sickly Dickens-ion characters called Charlotte retire to their beds with a chill but i have found out the hard way that a cold can lurk in wet trousers. Anywho i know that you who are reading this ( thank you bored friends!) are not interested in my wet trousers so i shall discuss something that maybe sit down and think. I know a rather rare occasion so i'm going to revel in it. Why do girls write their phone numbers in public toilets? I don't know about the mens please comment if this is a similar scenario. But i don't know what could be achieved from this? Having someone randomly ring you and go"Urm Hi i saw you childish scrawl whilst having a crafty number two. Fancy meeting up?".
I mean it can't be for meeting gentlemen i mean its the ladies and even if you wanted to meet a life partner would you really want it to be through the medium of bored toilet activity? Of course i could be incredibly naive and it could be lady of the night antics but again do you really want bathroom perverts? These things do puzzle me. If you do know why people do this please tell me as i've tried looking at it from every angle and i'm still confused. Well thats all thats in my noggin at the moment. Cheers for reading if you got this far :D well done for indulging slightly whimsical geek x

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